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Here is Profile of Mr. Mahalingam Raja Bsc,

Name Of the promoter : Mr. Mahalingam Raja Bsc,
Residential address : 19,Gopalasamuthiram east street,
Press/Office address : 108,Melaraja veethi,Theradi,
Mannargudi -614001
Date of birth : 11/06/1966
Educational Qualification : Bsc (Maths)
Marital Status : Married ,and having two children
Experience : Print Deal has started its function from the year 2001 by the sole proprietor,Shri Mahalingam Raja with a motto pf to be the best printer and to adopt creativity in printing.At the time of starting the press ,we have only one computer system and one laser printer and one scanner to catalize the printing needs of the common public,businessman and bookmakers in the home town Mannargudi and its surroundings.At that time ,we have no offset printing machine,the printing jobs were sent to tanjavore and trichy for printing,In the same year,we upgraded the office with two computers,and erected two offset printing machines. Slowly and steadily we have developed our business,by the continuous courageous support of the customers,we earned a good name in the printing field.Year by year we grown to a stronger customer support,now we have 3 mini offset printing machine and two imported multiculor printing machine with more than 22 employees with 7 front office staff.