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Print Deal has started its function from the year 2001 by the sole proprietor,Shri Mahalingam Raja with a motto of to be the best printer and to adopt creativity in printing.At the time of starting the press ,we have only one computer system and one laser printer and one scanner to catalize the printing needs of the common public,businessman and bookmakers in the home town Mannargudi and its surroundings.At that time ,we have no offset printing machine,the printing jobs were sent to Thanjore and Trichy for printing,In the same year,we upgraded the office with two computers,and erected two offset printing machines.

Slowly and steadily we have developed our business,by the continuous courageous support of the customers,we earned a good name in the printing field.Year by year we grown to a stronger customer support,now we have 3 mini offset printing machine and two imported multiculor printing machine with more than 22 employees with 7 front office staff.

Apart from the base customers of the home town,we are getting orders from more than hundred mini offset printers from Thanjavur,Thiruvarur,Nagapattinam Districts and Karaikal of Puduchery state.

Now we are fully equipped with pre-press equipments and post-press equipments,and that I am happy to note that we have been called as “Mannayil Oru Sivakasi” and got an award by the ‘Hindu and Maditssia’ as best printer award in 2004”.

Besides our business,we wxtended our services to the Temples and Mutts in Mannargudi,viz,Shri Rajagopalasamy Samedha Sengala Thayaar Temple,Naganathar Temple and Pamnani,which are  sung by Alwars Temple and Nayanmars and a nutt called Soottukkol Ramilinga Swamy Mutt,and we render our services by both financial and manpower of our concern for performing poojas and annadhanam In the track of our business,we have not raised any loan or financial assistance from any institution.

It is Endeavour to become the most renowned printers in the Delta disdtricts and we are confident in achieving our goal with God’s grace and bank’s support and guidance.

Our Mission

Publicity and Prpaganda through news Papers,Media,Posters,Leaflets,Cards,Letters, and flex etc  are
Importnt of all type of occations and demand is increasing day-by-day.

The Printing technology is also having sea changes to meet the incresing demand of the customers.The existing other three Printer at Mannargudi are doing only single colour works.Print Dealwas estabilished in the year 2000 and catering the needs of all type of customer in and around mannargudi with in radious of upto 60 kms.Print Dealprinters isa one of the leading modewrn digitasl printer with latest  state of rt of technology for multi colour works.

The existing machineries and equipment are purchased of own fouds over a peried of a decade.

For latest film designing and plating works for multi colour works,We have to go to trichy or Kumbakonam or Sivakasi for the basic needs.By Purchasing and nstalling the proposed machine major cost of basic work will be in the reduced and more orders could be taken and triple and volume of business the quick and quality delivary.
Our existing clients customers are from Mannargudi and surrounding villages,Thiruvarur,Nagapattinam, up to Karaikal area.Since we are very popular and very good reputation in the market we may be able to cover mor e area and both volume and quality.

We enclosed the list of existing own machinearies and its present worth for kind perusal and consideration.